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About Us

Neo International, embracing the pursuit of Quality Living, since 2012

Beginning with honesty, Running with skill, Strengthening with teamwork, Performing with innovation, Brimming with trust…

Neo, with its world-class range of water purifiers, chimneys & gas hobs and solar water heaters, envisages to create a world of quality living, your way!


About Neo Appliances
Neo Appliances Mission


- To make available quality products at affordable prices to provid “Quality Living “to its customers.

- To become the most trusted brand in its product domain.

- To make use of the latest technology for better customer satisfaction.

- To create a transparent and conducive business environment for its business associates.

- To provide growth and development to its employees, making NEO a great place to work.



Creating products that redefine quality living by seamlessly integrating innovation, reliability, and elegance, enriching every moment with unparalleled comfort, convenience, and sustainability.

Neo Appliances Vision

Why should you choose Neo Appliances?

- Peerless Expertise: Neo Appliances stands out as a trusted leader with over 12 years of exceptional expertise in our niche.

- Nationwide Reach: Our commitment to excellence extends across Nepal, reaching customers in every corner of the country with our reliable appliances and dedicated support.

- Premium Quality: We use top-quality materials and advanced technology to   ensure our products meet the highest standards of performance and durability.

- After-Sales Service: We are dedicated to your satisfaction beyond the purchase. Our comprehensive after-sales services ensure that your experience with Neo Appliances remains exceptional.

- Customer-Centric Approach: At Neo, we prioritize customer satisfaction above all else, providing prompt service and knowledgeable assistance to ensure a seamless experience.


Neo Appliances United Cement Testimonial

Neo Appliances delivers exceptional quality and service that exceed expectations. With outstanding after-sales support and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Neo is the top choice for reliable solutions.

United Cement

Neo Appliances Meraki Holistic Wellness Retreat Testimonial

Thank you, Neo Appliances, for taking good care of our health with your top-notch quality water purifier. We highly recommend Neo for their outstanding products and service

Meraki Holistic Wellness Retreat

Neo Appliances Hotel Mahadev Meraki Testimonial

We are highly impressed with the performance of Neo's water treatment plant and the exceptional service provided by the company.

Hotel Mahadev

Neo Appliances Kaski Modernized Academy Testimonial

We are extremely satisfied with the quality products and exceptional service provided by Neo Appliances. Their outstanding after-sales support and commitment to customer satisfaction make them a top choice for reliable solutions.

Kaski Modernized Academy

Neo Appliances Kantipur Pharmaceutical Testimonial

We are happy with the performance of Neo's water treatment plant which has been installed from Neo and satisfied with the service provide by the Company.

Kantipur Pharmaceutical Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Manish Kumar Sing (Technical Director)